Tutorial booklet - Lines Unraveled

€ 8,95

PLEASE NOTE: ENGLISH only, for Dutch click here!


In this (digital) tutorial booklet 'Lines Unraveled', I will show you how to draw doodle DOTS. You will learn to draw eight different doodle DOTS step by step.


❤ Do you want to draw without expensive materials? That's possible! To start working on this tutorial booklet you'll only need a pen and paper!

❤ Do you want to learn how my patterns are made? In this booklet In this booklet I will show you guys my process and tell you my 'secrets'. 

❤ Do you want to experience yourself how meditative drawing can be? 


This tutorial booklet contains eight different DOTSbyGemma patterns. These patterns will be devided in nine little steps so you can try it yourself. Available in Dutch and English. In Dutch the booklet is also available as a printed worksbook.

Printed workbook:

Size: 21 x 21 cm
Number of pages: 32
Paper: 90 grams recyled paper, cover 300 grams paper.
Printed as a magazine with staples.


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